Brown Marble

Mahkam Brown Marble is extracted from Mahkam quarry located in 375 kilometers northeast of Isfahan province, near Jandagh area of ​​Khour and Biabanak. Most of the rocks in this area have a brown background with wave or vein cream lines. Mahkam Brown Marble has the best quality and most varied color range among the stone quarries in the area. Mahkam marble slabs and tiles made of Italian technology and the use of the highest quality epoxy and UV are the most suitable choice for luxury projects. The stones produced from the four active craters of this quarry have a variety of colors from dark brown to light brown, bronze marble and also brazen marble.

Application of Mahkam stone is used in all interiors of the building including lobby and paving of residential, commercial and office buildings. The rock has negligible water absorption and has very high abrasion resistance. Mahkam marble is processed in tiles and slabs. The dark brown color that surrounds the spider veins makes this stone attractive. The transparency, design and beautiful patterns of Mahkam marble has always been of interest to architects and designers. Mahkam marble stone will give your space a special warmth. Stair stone, posh lounge flooring, kitchen counter, elevator frame, etc are also other uses of Mahkam stone. Stone slabs are also used in the production of baths.