About Us

Kian Kanyar Mahkam Co. started operating Mahkam quarry with a reserve of 1300,000 tons in 2016 with the aim of exploring and extracting marble. Mahkam quarry is located in Isfahan province, near the city of Khoor and Biabanak. The company, the first and only operator of Mahkam brown marble stone, enjoying a worldwide reputation for the mining industry, especially decorative stone, has become one of the major ornamental stone producers in the country and each year allocates a large share of the building stone in Domestic and foreign consumption markets. Kian Kaniar Mahkam Company, with experienced and up-to-date personnel and experts in terms of modern science and using the latest technologies and extraction techniques, the most modern cutting machines conforms to the international standards of stone and has become a significant company in this field. Also effective presence in prestigious foreign exhibitions has introduced the company and its products in foreign markets, such as the Persian Gulf countries, China, East Asia, Russia, Europe, which are the applicants of the products of this company. It should be noted that the Office for the sale of slabs as a permanent exhibition with easy access in Tehran is ready to provide services and receive orders from the applicants.

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