Robustness, optimum quality, attractive and vibrant colors of Mahkam marble are favored by different tastes and cultures of Asian, European and American countries. Mahkam marble has negligible water absorption and high abrasion resistance and is also one of the most popular marbles in foreign markets including China, Russia, Italy, Turkey, India, Georgia, UAE, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Oman and Iraq due to its unique brown color spectrum.

One of the reasons for the widespread acceptance of Mahkam marble stone is its special and glassy brown background. High abrasion resistance, negligible water absorption, high resistance to frost and fire and durability for the interior design of the buildings are significant advantages for Mahkam marble. Mahkam marble is available in four colors: dark brown, light brown, bronze and brazen. Due to its unique brown color, Mahkam Marble is one of the most popular marble stones in domestic and world markets and most of the luxurious buildings in the country including Kish twin towers and many hotels are using this stone